Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

My babies are all home...and I am absolutely tickled pink (or chartreuse, as the case may be).

Hub-O-Matic and I had the opportunity to practice being "empty-nesters" this week, and although we LOVE being alone and hanging out as a couple, we love being parents and having the whole family together even more. We are a laughing, happy, adventurous, wild family and it is crazy fun when we are all together. Don't get me wrong, HOM and I knock it out of the park as a couple, too, but there is something fantastic about our family dynamic.

Dinner tonight was exceptional--the laughter, the stories, the closeness...did I mention the laughter? HOM and I kept catching each other's eye across the table, and we knew: we are a family first and foremost. At our table sat our 3 children and my father--all inhabitants of our home. A multi-generational mosaic of beliefs, disciplines, interests, intellects, and it is wonderful. Our home is cozy and filled with life. It will still be a home when the children move out, but missing each of them will be something to overcome.

I genuinely pined for my kids last week. Hearing their voices on the phone made my heart race. I was thrilled that they had the opportunities to get out of town, but boy...I was not prepared for what being apart from them would do to me! I think it took me quite by surprise.

But they are home now! The bickering will start soon, I'm sure. They will once again resent being asked to help around the house and I will resent having to ask them to help--HOM will likely disagree about some parenting issue or another...but in the long run, that's all part and parcel of what makes this house a home.

Home again, home again...the best part of vacation was having the kids come home again.

Can't wait until Summer break!


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