Friday, March 26, 2010

My Shabbat

I just wanted to mention the fact that I am not actually Jewish. I know a lot of people assume I am--and, for some reason, people have always thought I was Jewish because I "look" Jewish (their words, not mine), when, in fact, I am actually almost 100% protestant born Scots-Irish (with just a little Welsh and British thrown in for good measure). Interestingly, before all of that, my people hale from Hungary and there is a hint of Spanish in the Irish, which means I could be Sephardic, but...who knows?

My point is, I am not of Jewish decent, but I do honor many of the Jewish holidays, customs and laws...but for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with religion. I do what I do for spiritual reasons that have far more to do with science and the Universe, and since adopting these practices, my life has become more fulfilling than I ever dreamed possible.

On Friday nights I light my Shabbat candles and sing my prayers and usher in Shabbat for my family. But it isn't just that. I believe that in lighting the candles and singing my prayers that I am connecting with a Universal Light energy and in doing so I am connecting with every other woman in the world who is also drawing that energy down for her family. And, because we draw the Light into our homes, we draw it down not only for our families, but for all of the people around us--so everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the energy. From the Light. The Universal Light of Creation.

To many I'm sure it sounds absolutely insane...and that's fine. I've been called far worse than that (and had it be true--LOL). I happen to know that for me, this is the sanest choice I've ever made. It has changed my life and it has changed me on what I believe to be a cellular level. I am not who I was 6 months ago.

I have embraced the Light and all that comes with it. And, tonight, I will light the candles of Shabbat for you, and as I do so, I will send Love and Light to you and yours. It is my honor to do so.

Love and Light.
Shabbat Shalom.


  1. Even though I knew you weren't Jewish, I too always thought you "looked" Jewish, which of course, isn't a bad thing at all. :)

  2. I know...I have a look that is Jewish, whatever that means--LOL!!

    Just so you know, you are on my study group's healing list. I send Love and Light to you always.


  3. Although I have never really commented on your spirituality, you have 100% of my support. I am happy that you have found something that you can turn to that works for you. I wish you much happiness and strength.

  4. Why thank you, open-minded! I hope everyone finds what really works for them--whatever that means. It has been my experience in life that there is never a destination, only a journey, so my wish for everyone is to be on the most fulfilling journey imaginable!!

    Love and Light to you,

  5. Though I am not Jewish either, I have always celebrated the Jewish holidays- my best friend's dad is Jewish and it always felt natural to me and also, it bothers me that Christians ignore the holidays which are in their history and which Jesus honored- I feel like you, I celebrate the Universe- I don't light the candles every week but I do honor the holidays.
    I never thought that was weird of you, I always thought that your spirituality was very cool.