Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothing To Say

I've been pining about having another personal blog for quite some time, but now that I've created one I find that I have absolutely nothing whatsoever of interest to say.

I remember when I first started a blog back on Journalspace (RIP) in 2004 I not only wrote every day--I updated my blog several times a day. I was full of stories, anecdotes, poems, insights, name it and I was full of it. Now? Not so much.

I blame facebook.

Nah. I don't know what I blame, but I sure want to blame something. I want to blame anything but my own lack of imagination and creativity.

One of my all-time ever writers, Breakfast, messaged me today about reading my blog. What I wouldn't give to get some of my old JS bloggers back. I've got CJ Arabia, and there is another site that hosts several others, but the days of Journalspace are gone, I'm afraid.

Perhaps I need to get over the loss of Journalspace once and for all and just embrace whatever this is that I am about to do. I know who the JS GoGo was...who is this new incarnation of GoGo? What do I have to say? What am I all about out here in the blogosphere? How am I going to leave my mark?

We'll find out. It won't be today--or, perhaps, it has already begun--but there will be exploration.


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