Wednesday, April 11, 2012

High Fidelity 2.O

And...we're back.

Thank God!

I loved being a part of New Line Theatre's production of High Fidelity as Marie LaSalle back in 2008....and am even more excited to be a part of New Line Theatre's 2012 production!

Marie is so fuckingly neurotic and fabulous--how could I NOT want to revisit her? We were able to find some really funky nuances the first time 'round, but this time I intend (with the help of Scott Miller) to truly tap into her neurosis and funky-life-style.

Marie is essentially a 'walk-on' character in this musical, which is such a dream-come-true for an actress who has (for all intents and purposes) abandoned her day-to-day life in the theatre (having recently resigned as Artistic Director of Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble (moving to a role on the Board of Directors). 'Walk-on' roles are a dream-come-true for artists like me...

I find myself in the company of a truly talented and dedicated cast and hope only to rise to the occasion. It is a lofty goal, I am sure, but one I am confident I can achieve. Everyone is completely supportive and enthusiastic---and I have so much source material and support--I can only have certainty in a most wonderful outcome.

Thursday night I have the opportunity to reconnect with Marie (and her back-up singer, Sarah Porter--re-inventing this role for New Line)--and I have every confidence that we will have an absolutely amazing time!

Love and Light!

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