Monday, April 16, 2012

Front Row Seat

One of the coolest things about being Marie LaSalle in New Line Theatre's 2008 production of High Fidelity was that I got to watch 90% of the show through the audience bleachers--so every night, I essentially had the best front row seat in the house! Marie was very much a "walk-on" character in that production, and my bonus was that I got to watch an incredibly cool show every night.

This time 'round, I have been invited into the beginning number (in addition to Marie's songs Ready to Settle and Terrible Things, her foray into Rob's mind as one of "The Bitches" in Conflict Resolution, and the final number Turn the World Off), so I'll have a bit more stage time...which really means that I'll have less time to admire the production from afar, as I will be participating in it. Therefore, I am savoring every moment that I am in rehearsal, because I have the esteemed privilege of listening to some of St. Louis's finest voices, while watching some of St. Louis's finest actors, and will soon get to observe some incredible choreography, as well! It's easy to get lost in the coolness...

I sometimes feel giddy listening to the group numbers that I am not a part of--hearing the incredible harmonies, getting lost in the outstanding solo work, knowing all the while that these have just been rehearsals to learn the music--the REAL knock-out performances haven't even begun, yet, and I'm already blown away.

I've been fighting a cold (or whatever) for the past several days (JUST DISCOVERED MUCINEX DM--OMG, why have I not taken this stuff before now???), so my voice has been for shit...but even so, when surrounded by so many wonderful voices, my own sick and healing voice has been so thrilled to even try to blend with the others. I'm at times completely stunned by the quality of the sounds I am hearing. Really good stuff!

One thing I love about New Line is that the bar is always being raised. Every. Show. The 2008 production was amazing (I have mentioned that we sold out all but one performance, right? Which included selling out a 4th of July show...just sayin')--but once again, the bar has been raised, and I find myself amidst a cast of stellar performers who just blow me away!

And I get to sit there and listen to them sing all night. AMAZING! I love what I do. Every day, whether it is at the bookstore from 10:00 - 6:00 or at rehearsal from 6:30 - 10:00...I am exactly where I want to be: in the best Front Row Seat imaginable!

Bli ayin hara!


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